Yama Warashi Album Launch / E B U / Landslide Purist/ Lot Grundy

As the Facebook event page said, The Cube was transformed into a magical world of moonlight and spirits, to celebrate the long-awaited album launch of ‘Moon Egg’ by Yama Warashi on Stolen Body Records. There was dance, visuals, spoken word, and a limited edition blue and gold vinyl on sale, which I hastily grabbed, along with a t-shirt. Support came in the form of nightmare pop darlings E B U, the twisted beautiful songs of Landslide Purist, plus wistful songs and poetry from Lot Grundy. Geff attended and danced at the front with Dali, who swirled to the music like the dancing spirit she is. Eventually everyone was at the front! The event had sold out and good reason.

Moon Egg is about delusion and hope. We all dream about something and sometimes we dream a bit too much and it can become reality in our mind. Sometimes we realize that we all believe something that is a complete fantasy. But also feeling and believing something exciting and juicy is a great and magical feeling. ‘MOON EGG’ is about this magic, dreams, delusion and hope.

Yama Warashi – Moon Egg

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