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TV on the wain you know

Well, I’m feeling under the weather and excuse me for lashing out at a super soft target, but, after being laid up in bed and subjecting myself to ‘The 100 Greatest TV Treats of 2004′ and ‘Winners and Losers 2004′ … Continue reading

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3 film books , and 1 Greatest Rock DIscography

I got 3 film books for Christmas. I thought I would tell you about them. 1# The Story Of Film by Mark Cousins. A certain Cube projectionist who shall remain unamed who doesn’t rate Mark Cousins much, was like … Continue reading

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hairy christmas

Returning from a family christmas, I can report that my brother ( some time Cube frequenter ) has finally cut his hair, and shaken his tag of ‘the creepy looking one’ at work . . . after / before

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An a very midi xmas

My Computer had his stage debut last night. He was kind of nervous, but I think he did himself proud. For those who missed it, I’ve managed to get hold of the the desk feed and have mp3’d it . … Continue reading

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Creepy Yule, y’all!

Happy Christmas to all ! Well that was a strange but entertaining night at the Cube last night. Check out Santa Ed in all his creepy video grotto glory . . . I missed Freeze Puppy, but everyone said he … Continue reading

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For anyone packing to go away for the holiday season, a handy instructional video… Quicker folding = More time to spend at the Cube / Steal From Work Xmas party tonite !

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I see your cassette

quite literally… Pixelvision [and here too]

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i C your 90, and raise you the whole Plus Deck

via Tomment , and quite a while ago too, these tape musings remind me of the wonderful plus deck . . . Yes, cassettes for your PC – record digitally in, or, more excitingly analoguey out . . . a … Continue reading

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not cube related but… audio cassettes [one that mr_h might like … judging by the photos of his tape collection] i think this one… was designed with morrissey compilations in mind

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Isan and Snow

That’s, Isan . . . And snow . . .

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