3 film books , and 1 Greatest Rock DIscography

I got 3 film books for Christmas. I thought I would tell you about them.

1# The Story Of Film by Mark Cousins.
A certain Cube projectionist who shall remain unamed who doesn’t rate Mark Cousins much, was like
“Mark Cousins, Shmousins, What a Tosser!” Apprently he interviewed David Lynch on the TV and didn’t let Lynch talk.
and asked him about The Colour Blue as in Blue Velvet. And it was the first time that lynch had opened up to the TV ever ever ever and runined it, but talking over him. Anyhows, this Story of film, its a bit like the Mathew Collins for films, which sometimes we need a bit of . You know to understand that highbrow stuff, but written in a way we can understand. Take the facts that you are looking for and don’t take Cousins too seriously.

2# Seeing Is Believing.
like the look. I think i’ll find it a fascinating book.
and Cult movies


An interesting flick book tho I remember seeing the internet radio, at Tom Taylors parents’ house in the country.

I did get round to thinking these would be good for The Cube to have tho.
So anybody is more than welcome to borrow them after me.
Shall we start book reviews here. We could get free books, and CDS. lets be real blaggers.
Make it the Cube LOgs new year revolution. Get as much free stuff as possible.

In the reference book CHristmas present section.
I got this last year which diud proove ultra useful, when I was putting together Movie Memories

The Biographical dictionary of Film.

This year I got this. with one of the last things that John Peel every wrote maybe.

Anyhow in it JP plans to leave this book by his bed side and read a fact a day. In honnor of the late great JP. I have decided I will do an illustrated fact a day, not just from this book, but from many of the other preteneding me to be more highbrow than I am books.

wish me luck.

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