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Goan Dogs Video ‘Running’ recorded at The Cube


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Stewart Lee

Stewart Lee interviewed by David Hopkinson after performing John Cage’s Indeterminacy at the Cube on Saturday 22 March 2014, with musical accompaniment by Steven Beresford and Tania Chen.

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The belle Cube bell

Ore and Ingot took their Travelling Foundry and cast a bell in the garden on NYE 2013. Thanks to the Cube Orchestra we now know the bell rings out at F#. The bell now lives permanently in the bar, for all … Continue reading

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Cube in the Snow

Nice picture of a snowy Cube exterior and neon from John Bell of the Raiders who played at the Cube free gig on Saturday 19th Jan. Original image is at Raiders Jo’s Instagram Account. Hopefully it was slightly warmer inside …

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Abandoned “New” Cubewebsite from half a decade ago . . .

While employing some advanced google searching to try and find evidence of the early and influential “Film Jam” events The Cube did, basically to prove we were always well head of the curve – in the previous century in fact … Continue reading

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cutting edge CELLULOID

At the recent Kino Climates meeting in Bruxells I developed an idea to address differences and common ground alliances between the participating venues and groups. It emmerged that an enduring committment to Film, that is the medium, the material of … Continue reading

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History Transmission

Below is a picture of something that has really inspired me. It is Cinema Nova’s entire programme Archive. Cinema Nova is in Bruxells and is perhaps our closest sister Cinema project, in terms of its ethos, style, spirit, local status … Continue reading

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Sound Start to the Past

After a packed screening of Moonrise Kingdom on Sunday and Monday I treated the punters to some analogue slide projections. These machines are amazing. They used to cost hundreds of pounds and I can understand why. They can stick a … Continue reading

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Sister Blog

Check out what’s happening with the Haiti Kids Kino Project at our sister blog here . . .

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slo-mo #2

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