cutting edge CELLULOID

At the recent Kino Climates meeting in Bruxells I developed an idea to address differences and common ground alliances between the participating venues and groups.

It emmerged that an enduring committment to Film, that is the medium, the material of Celluloid, has a defining significance for many orgnisations and for many complex overlapping reasons. I am developing this logo or glyph idea which is shown below.

The basic idea is for venues to display the version of the logo (there are several) which displays the film/celluloid format which they can present, here for example 35 16 and 8 mm. The shape with the numbers inside is a perforation, a KS perforation which is the standard shape for all 35mm films. The shape above it is another type of perforation, a BH perforation which is the standard hole for 35mm negative film, ie film used in production. Numbers in here would represent the celluloid formats which the venue or organisation can WORK with, in a Lab, production or artisanal sense.

This then is attempt to draw connection between the brilliant Lab movement in Europe and the Cinema movement. As well as mobilise support of Film behind the term Celluloid which although not correct for modern film material (which is either polyester, acetate or  estar) actually emerges as the most essentially unmistakeable term for all these things. Film by contrast now means almost anything. Celluloid is now in crisis and Cinemas like ours have a new role in the actual preservation of film based moving images alongside the archives and film museums.

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