Kitchen Calamities

Well, not that cubecentric – but you could view it as a kind of tribute . . .
I nearly burned my house down today! ( Though hopeful this doesn’t mean closing for a year! ). The timer had gone on my toaster and on returning to the kitchen after a phonecall there was fire and smoke, lots of smoke. I dealt with it before getting out my camera, but below should be an atmospheric shot ( quite a bit later ) of some lingering smoke . . .

later it lingered

Further Kitchen nightmares include our fridge dying. Even after extensive cleaning it still didn’t smell to clever. Here it is at the fridge graveyard. It’s the taped up one ( to contain the funk ) . . .

funky fridge

The Cube is looking for a fridge at the moment. So am I.

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  1. GB says:

    e mail me and i should be able to get you one over there within a week

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