The Horse Hospital visited

The Horse Hospital visited with a women called Evelyn who is helping them out. It was really great to meet them.
I have to say I am ashamed to say I have never been to The Horse Hospital but would truly love too. Anyhow it’s very interesting the way they set up. It turns out that the lady who is working there full time ( she gets paid, and yes its her dream job but she worsk 11-11 Mon – Sat from what I could work out), Her name is Alex. She took over from James Hollannds for a bit.
The Horse Hospital has been running for 12 years
The Horse Hospital is funded by film industry earnings
Anyhow The Horse Hospital are the Cube’s friends.
I know Adam and Chiz went to The Horse Hospital on the RLF Godzilla tour, prehaps they could comment on what that was like ?
Here is a link to some pictures of Adam’s that I found when I searched fot the RLF Godzilla tour

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