Yes, Adrian Line here.

For the first time, since being shoved out a Big Apple Radio Studio, while in mid-show mode (i was about to interview Debby Harry about her next film Dirty Harry) for telling the host that “it was me that basically told Jah Spruce to go to NY and start Hip-Hop not Mixmaster Cilve while holidaying in Barbados!!”….I am unempolyed. Those drats at Radio Dialect seem to have shut down the station in an effort to get me off the air.

Note: I was achieving RADAR figures far beyond Mr Hard Drive Time.

Hence I was walking the streets the other day and I notice that radios now are called iPODS and so I thought what a great idea. I am going to re-brand all old technology and make a mint. Toasters are now going to be called MCs and the 35mm OM 10 is going to be named ODB(knobe).

Peace to the Wu’s


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  1. addi+ionaL says:

    i’d buy that for a dollar!

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