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Orchestras, Battleships and Jars

Bit late on the post, but this is all about Wednesday . . . First off my second experience of The Cube Orchestra and my first in it . . . I was playing decks, initially going to be placed … Continue reading

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Independent Heroines flyer

Hope you can make it. There is gonna be lots of great stuff on… Take a look at the Independent Heroines website

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kevin cuts

If like me you like a bit of the cut up stuff, this might interest you.

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the lost art of . . .

Last night Lady Lucy was telling me some of her work may have been misplaced or even destroyed within the confines of Spike Island Seems to be happening a lot. . . and in other arts news

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Strike me down

Maybe, maybe the new Star Wars film won’t be rubbish.

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Comedy in the Cube

I videoed Rob Newman performing for the packed out Indymedia fundraiser today. His set was really enjoyable – political and thoughtful with nice Bristolian historical & musical references, but still definitely a proper comedy set. Stand up works really well … Continue reading

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Punski’s Empties

Saturday saw Punski’s birthday here at The Cube.

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Cube bites

2 soundbites that I found memorable from last night at The Cube . . . Hogg said “Chinatown is one of the most under rated over rated films” Tom Bugs said “Er, is there anyone really technical about?” So you … Continue reading

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Can’t resist a bad pun

Hey, I wonder if when they discovered Leonardo’s secret workshop, did they find his secret vice? Sorry. . . . and on the subject of secret treasures

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The Wilhelm Scream

I don’t know if this is a widely well known film sound thing, I’m guessing it probably is, but I just happened across it recently – the ‘Wilhelm Scream’ is a particular archive scream sound effect that’s been used in … Continue reading

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