Linus & Lucy / David & Saul

Friday night saw the third plug58 night curated by the marvellous multi-talented Rudegal Rasha Shaheen

Pretty much full capacity crowd, and an interesting variety line up including films, theatre,


with excellent 70's library style musical from Amy and accomplice

Beautiful guitar abstraction,

with a vj debut from Dani

piano playing lego robots,

get thy bearings

and punk pop from Linus from London. ( minus babysitting bassist )

sorry no great pics of them all together, but got some good video I think . . .

Also making a welcome visit from London was Cuber Saul.

Meanwhile, Lucy was initially unimpressed by the ‘surprise’ cocktail concocted by John ( at her and then my imprecise request ).
The Muddy Lucy?
It consists of Whiskey, Coke, Pineapple Juice and a secret second spirit, and is actually honestly delicious.

All topped off with the Midnight Movie screening of ‘The 400 Blows’, care of Hog

Hog's on your right, Ali's on the left in the single white glove, projectionist stylee to break down 2046

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