A Microplex Users Manual email from Ali, posted here with his permission . . .

“These are my notes from a discussion we had one Thursday morning a couple
of months ago. Some classic discussion notes, some new thoughts.
it was one of my favourite events at the cube.

-we can’t increase capacity
-what can we do with extra space
-feasibility is to look into building purchase
-a big part of this is the mezzanine development
-artist-run cinema..what if artist-run army..artist-run sk8&ride
-is artist a progressive title
-do the demands of service annul the artist
-people aren’t knocking on the doors of spike island shouting ‘let us in, where’s the art?’
-interest in using the space in a different way; how that effects behaviour, not just an ideal to be bigger and better
-cube has a 6 month escape clause (rent warning)
-if the cube was bought it could move on to the next activity
-for cube programmers creativity is inherent in the production of their duties
-the aim of art is to negate the need for ‘art’
-the coop requires definition
-the state requires legality;directors etc..
-the balance between works and words
-collectives; everything is up for grabs
-deleuze and guitarri; there is no such thing as individual desire; it comes from humanity
-the solipsism of art.the celebrity commodity (not deceit but insecurity?)
-Together Everyone Achieves More (team)
-‘I’ /artist /individual /gets a surname introduction
-striving to have nothing; challenging the need for possession and ownership
-the doll ecosystem. you get fifty quid, you spend it on groceries, next week you get fifty quid again

M.U.M Microplex Users Manual |
Critical – Discursive – Develop | + Constructive – Abstract – Theory |

I think doll means dole.

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