Latest lateness

Apologies for the less frequent posts of late from me, but a big thank you to other posters . . . 🙂

Right now I’m dashing off to London for Elin’s show, but quickly this is what I’ve been up to . . .

Cube wise, I caught a bit of a great set from Gang Gang Dance, with Colin & Lady after a Movieoke meeting, but the only thing I’ve really been involved with the last few days was Peer Critique on Saturday.

I actually just stepped as one of the artists was ill ( the same lingering lurgee that got Chiz, I think ). I showed the series of cut-up clips I compiled for the William Burroughs night, plus some of the rushes from my main cut-up project.

The other artist was Matt White who showed 3 very powerful video pieces. I’ll describe them swiftly, though them really deserve much more space to explore . . .

The first was based on footage he had taken of a street argument that he had restaged using actors and rebuilding the facade of the house opposite his house behind his house.

The second video comprised of a section of an audio recording of a disturbing past life regression session – in which he was a rapist and murderer – which he ( faultlessly ) and virtually unblinkingly mimed to, in another highly considered video re-enactment.

The last one was a work in progress using found footage and a particular piece of classic music, both things he said he normally objected to in video art.

Meanwhile my cutting-up filming continues. Since I last posted I’ve videoed Chiz on the Phone, Jem the p.c. mac user on the humane beatbox, and Patrick Joyce on tree surgery and car repair.

Always a bit wary of tree stuff in AV pieces since timber, but, you know sometimes you just got to go with it.

Too rushed to pick pertinent pics right now, but have a browse through here and here if you like. I’ll update this post with various page links and pictures on my return . . .

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