Sud Amerika


After the brief intro to the auto-biography I felt the urge to visit South America. My bloody birth place.

Have been their riding the long white highways. It got too much, I ended up in Bahia, Brazil, surronded by monks and women from the rive chanting sweet songs of praise to the deity “DUNNGEN” – turns out they are a krazy psychEdelic band from Sweden that sing in hopelandish.

I dream of mario.

White line don’t do it.

The chronicles are cross referenced and fact checked. Fascilmile me till a can’t.

Oh for Amazon.



The flower need water.


-Back in Bristol for the Brunel Slave Show-

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  1. mr_h says:

    goood to have you black, adrain

  2. addi+ionaL says:

    hey, where’s our money! Fone your law man A.S.A.P.

  3. zoophoxx says:


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