Mini Orchestra = Spirit of The Pop Group?

Asalam alikum! The sun is out and its been burning up The Cube Orchestra:
Perhaps this explains the VERY small turn out for Cube Orchestra on weds resulting in a volume excess, back in time, Punk Funk style explosion. I only turned up with a snare drum (My lovely New Brass/chrome Ludwig in case yer interested, no didn’t think so but tough here you go)
rich in drum
Gert lush innit.
Luckily I found a Bass drum and Tom, and later some used beer bottles, to add to my percussive output.
With Mark freaking on Sax, Hugh giving that bottom end what it needed and Young Liam putting down those angular riffs that are oh so popular these days it was roight New Wave. After our first freakout I commented how it reminded me of The PoP Group era,
Mark (right of picture)li markclaimed to have been there doing just such a thing with his band ‘The Big Thought’.

I actually got some mpeg4 of us which, if I can work out how, i’ll put up on here or on the archive.
<img src="" alt="hugh" lens markkk

Well we all enjoyed rocking out for a change, especially Mark, Guess its hard to rock on the sax without sounding like something god awful? Kenny G? The G stands for god awful apparently…………..

Till next time, Vegas tanned Richie Paradise.

Ps don’t forget MOVIEOKE this saturday.

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2 Responses to Mini Orchestra = Spirit of The Pop Group?

  1. yeah man richie, liam, hugh, it was hot i thought. totall full on rant and noise and no goddam having to think about it or wonder if we were ‘doing it right’ my claims are true from my memmmory boys. i was there. the venue lauded us as being in the spirit of the pop group. it was good times and the revolutionary mind set will never leave me. music is not for the capitalist machinery of hellish corporate but to set the spirit free. but we were not called ‘the big thought’ though. i remember seeing the pop group support patti smith in cardiff. aye those were the days and they never ended in my head.bristol was just such a place to be back then. we were a highly recognisable contigent.i remember going to a talk in london that ornette coleman was giving and the face or was it the wire? writing up that the bristol boho contigent were in evidence. “we had our own way of walking. and our own way of talking” and we were quite the in crowd for five minutes. and then i think you had to come from sheffield or you were no one. and i could never do that accent so i gave up and went into coprporate finance.

  2. Ale says:

    Sounds brilliant – got any mp3s yet? Must sleep.

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