Get ya Ya Yas Out.

Or Feet;
marcusgazorchnew feet

To start with I am NOT a foot fetishist, I actually left a job as a stockman in a womans shoe shop as I was beginning to get tooo into womans shoes but that was an aesthetic thing. If I’m gonna have a fetish it’ll be something old skool (ok it IS something old skool)

Anyhow Croikey its hot, as our antipodean cousins might say, just like Belinda in fact belinda
seen here with Hugh and Gary. An interesting Orchestra Cube this week. A much better turn out with two newbies (as Dr. Cox from Scrubs might put it)
Bethan on French Horn and (apologies if this is wrong) Izzie? on Flute, ladies you did yourselves, and your Brethrin, proud. Gamely joining in the occasional beauty (our second interpretation of E.T) and the occasional horror (our first interpretation).

Song titles were popular this week. I offered ‘Half way through I noticed my flies were undone’, which was based on a true story. And then we hit a purple patch purple

where we did ‘An ode to feet’, inspired as we all had our feet out au naturale or in jesus creepers.

The extended horn section were magnificent today, full of windwind, especially during our duel piece. Belinda challenged me to start a piece and Mark suggested Peter wouldn’t allow me to use my hands so it was hi hat and bass drum for most of it. Everybody gave it some. give it Did I mention how good those horns were?
Mark markis getting a reputation as a musician pimp seeing as he keeps turning up with random but welcome additions.
We ended with ‘An Ode to the Tour de France’ which developed into ‘An Ode to Twin Peaks’ via Marcus’ vibe like keys and my brush work.

It’s all about the Vibes baby, all about the vibes.

Remember how hot I said it was? See if you can spot the difference betwen these two photos.
CLUE the first one was taken before I had started drumming and the second taken at the end.
rich richie

That’s right. In the second picture my shirt is RED.

Ciao, richie feet Richie Paradise

PS four of us groovy guys from The Orchestra are playing at The Croft this friday, it’s louder improv known as Sculpture. It’d be nice to see you. A Bien tot.

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