Movieoke 3, Blackout 4 ( Venn 2, too )

Much is going on preparing for Blackout 4 at Ashton Court, and it’s, um, my birthday on Friday ( St Swithin’s Day ), but let’s not forget Movieoke 3 coming up at the end of the month . . .

Colin returns for July's extravaganza!

Also, remember Venn 2? If you have fond memories of the more obscure corners of the SFA dj set, you might be interested in this compilation . . .

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One Response to Movieoke 3, Blackout 4 ( Venn 2, too )

  1. matthew gray says:

    Is there a line up anywhere on line for this years blackout? i can only find 2004 on the blackout site. Or am I just being a muppet? I want to come down to bristol this weekend for blackout, but i can’t afford the train fare.

    You should come to see portable at cosies the weekend after though

    All the best

    Your friend up in Sheffield,

    Matthew Gray

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