Movieoke 4: A Nightmare on Dove Street (South)


life of brian

He’s not the son of Max headroom, he’s a very naughty boy:hops

A Difficult one this. Like Mr Hopkinsonsaid, lack of staff made things difficult, but on the positive side there was a good turn out and lots of people keen to perform, which is slightly ironic. Anyway lots of pretty pictures for y’all to peruse:

Well done to those staff who did work, an admiral effort all round,

Rod rod

Mary, Matt, James and the rest (you know who you are) mary et al

‘But why the crazy pictures Mr Paradise?’ I hear you cry, well things got a little bit blurry later. To protect the innocent the crazy post gig shenanigans involving boiler suits and body balancing shall only be revealed at alter date, when this countries moods and mores have taken a Cubessent shift…………

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  1. Martin P says:

    Thanks to you and Colin for keeping up the entertainment during those long pauses and to everybody else for running the evening under such difficult circumstances. Movieoke rules!

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