Here Again

Sadly I wasn’t able to make it, but there was even more Here based Cube shenanigans this weekend with the Orchestra playing at the gallery opening for a show by Gunilla Jähnichen.

How could the orchestra fit into the modest gallery space? I’ll let Hugh take over . . .

Last night’s micro-orchestra performance in the Here gallery went pretty
well. It was certainly an interesting experiment, and worth repeating. I
used my laptop to record one performance, then played it back while
recording another performance, then played the whole lot back while
recording another, and so on for nearly two hours.We recorded 14 tracks
in eight takes, each 11 minutes long. Tim was present for the start, but
after that the orchetra consisted of just Tomoko and me. We played
guitar, bass, percussion (bottle tops, plastic cup, handclaps etc.) and

A roughly-mixed version is available for download:
(10 MB MP3 file).

The exhibition’s really good. Go and check it out.


And just really to add to our recently neglected gossip category I’ll mention that there’s been a lot of to and fro on the Orchestra Cube mailing list, basically because some members felt the Here Shop Party performance wasn’t good enough.

My personal angle is that the beauty of the Orchestra is there is no “good” or “bad” – in fact when I read the original call to arms I was hoping for something like The Portsmouth Sinfonia – but I am glad that, although based on loosely similar principles, it’s been able to be very distinctly its own thing.

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