tomoko and team brick

With a big thanks to my old showbiz chum Craig David for the shout out. Maximum respect to you David.

Anyway, just a wee taster without giving too much away I hope

Ale seen here practising for the big rescore debut (as much as you can call spontaneous improv ‘practising’).
Still Concentration is a must, see? belinda and gareth Top marks to the small horn department, especially for the Christmas section (not giving much away there to be honest).
Listening back on me digi camera we sounded pretty good.
Something odd happened though:
satanic team brick possibly Team Brick (or Tim Brick as my friend thought he was called) has been worshipping The Dark Lord again.

Anyways, see youse guys tomorrow

Richie ‘pissed with work’Pissed off Richie Paradise Paradise.

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