Shhhhwing Badder Badder.

Welll alright!
‘Bout time The Cube got with the program daddio. Game and Watch (Hog in otherwords) presented Oceans 11 and 12, and I made sure the Bar was swinging and the Martinis were extra dry. There was supposed to be a Casino but it never materialised, so we played Russian Roulette instead. These young people turned up in character young people but went home in a bodybag I’m afraid. Any rumours that they killed themselves due to the radiculous plot of Oceans 12 (where they pretend they are the actors that they actually are, yeah I know) is totally untrue.

Still this ‘Arty’ photo I manipulated can exist as their eulogy
arty eulogy

Fellow Orchestra member Ellie was making her debut as a Cube Volunteer ellie her and Cederic tried looking really hard for a while, Olsa was less than impressed ellie olsa cederic.
Later we tried looking cool trying to look cool
it didn’t work.

So me and Cederic tried again. I think we look like a french electronic pop act, whaddya think?

Well it was a quiet night but we made some new friends, and Swing was once again King,

Adieu, Grandad Paradise Richie Paradise.

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