The maestro is Dead! Long Live The Maestro!


OK. Not true. But we had such a storming set tonight that one of the tunes was killed ‘Death (or should it have been Deaf?) To Peter Swaffer Reynolds (The Maestro)’ ‘cus if he’d heard the blues pop jam thing we came up with, he’d have gone tres mental.

However I’m sure if he’d heard the other stuff we came up with he’d have been pleased as punch.
We started off Moody and Jazzy moody and jazzy monsieurbecause (a) Gareth played some Brubeck on his sax and Joe Morello (Brubecks drummer for many years) is possibly my favourite drummer of all time. And (b) We kept the lights down. Man it was Crazeeeee. Gareth, seen here doing his Ian Dury impression ian dury called that one (decided by spin the drum stick) Welsh Rare Bit.

Onwards and forwards. A very percussive song followed by Ellie kicking off the next one via the skill of Flute effects pedal madness madness i tell yees. Madam Ellie and Gareth danced to the beat dance dance i tells ye. It was a top tune, kinda like Sergio Leone meets, er, Ellie. So I called it Sergio Elleone meets the good, the bad and the ugly Orchestra.
It was beautifully moody, I think the mix of sax, flute and melodica (strangley shadow inhabiting Richard hence no pic) worked really well. Mind you the rest of us contributed alot too. Check out the sounds when they soon get put up (nudge nudge Marcus).
Lens (also known as Hugh) reminded us that not only is he an inavative and original guitarist (ie limited by talent) and a Photogropher, but he’s pretty photogenic himself Lensman.

Dd I say how much I enjoyed today? My Quiff grew an extra inch or two (I said Quiff Mr Hopkinson) Sunny Paradise kinda dayquiff

and did I say how moody it was? MOOOOOOOOOOOOdy

Our penultimate tune was a reworking of Midnight Cowboy using Richard’s skill on the melodica and the effect pedals set up for Ellie. Persoanlly I love Faith No More‘s version, so I kinda bigged it up a bit, but then we brought it all back down again. We finished off with some craziness which was all good.
I found this week very satisfying and it was a great advert for what we can do, so big slaps on back to Tomoko, Ellie, Gareth, Marcus, Richard, Lens, and Meself.

Caio for now Richie oops didn't mean to do datoops didn’t mean to do THAT‘, Paradise

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  1. ite admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Sound swonderful ๐Ÿ™‚
    Sorry to have been awol again ๐Ÿ™

    And isn’t Peter meant to be back in Bristol round about now, you haven’t killed him for real have you . . ?

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