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Overall the weekend went great. On Friday night was ultra nervous as I remembered that the artists were being flown especially for it. Luckily there was an audience and by the end of the night they were standing on the Cube auditorium chairs watching Electronicat do his thing to audience members shouting “You sexy bastard.” Miss Le Bomb was like Blondie (the first thing I did on the internet was to look up Blondie lyrics) and her cover version of Jelous Guy really pleased My Roxy Music/ Bryan Ferry
soul. Missi also does a magazine and that’s great too. It’s half written in German and half written in English. Miss Le Bomb told me about her band Queen of Japan . I enjoyed djing too and ended up having some late of night drinks with the performers including Vanishing Breed who was by this time collapsed and had to endure some more dancing around to songs like Downtown. Leaha was also a brilliant sound tech and thanks for last minute help from Tom Buggs and James.
Saturday, Alex and I took a stroll around Bristol and it felt nice to do that. I love being a tourist in my own city sometimes. Also I havn’t been able to do it for a while because I have been working as an invigilator. After some food. a recipe I made up. quick lentil mousaka went to see
Kevin Blechdom, Planning To Rock and Organ Lady. Awsome. What amazing use of Cube stage. Baloons ( hydrogen baloons are on her rider). At the end she got the offal out of the tesco bag that Chiz had got from the butchers up Gloucester road. I felt like these are women who are doing stuff not really like no one else.

Afterward we took the rock stars over to Under_score. It was difficult to get in, but we managed it. At one point I saw Duncan saying “Kevin, you’ll have to wait you turn ” which was quite funny. It turns out that
PTR knows Emma H from art college so that was a sweet little connection. We went back to my house and played cards. I learned a new trick, well actually my only card trick.
Kevy B is the most freckily person I have ever met. I would like to draw her portrait. All in all I felt inspired by these performers and they make me want to do more of that kind of thing. I think Super Group Extreme should do more stuff.

Sunday night I realised that a couple had brought a festival ticket each and so that was good to hear. Quite a few people turned up for the Chicks film and The Nomi song. Meanwhile James and I had a fun dj clash in the bar. It went something like this from what I remember and I think we’ll be doing it again at Campari Safari- underscore soundclash
Bikini Kill- Helen Love- Sonic Youth does Beach Boys- love- Sebodah- liz phair- death sentance panda- gravy train- blonde readhead- undertones- stereo total-

So ich bin ein berliner was good, I was pleased with it.
Thank you to everyone who played and helped out and cube and qu junktions

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  1. matt_ says:

    sounds like a good weekend. felt like the cube was pretty buzzing the short time i spent there. another connection: kevin (blechdom) and seth (sutekh, who played at under_score) shared a house for some time in the US.

    its great that the cube and bristol in general lets these events happen, its something very special.

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