Back! Bigger! Better! Bolder!

barrybel gardani et al
It seems I spoke too soon, for the Maestro is NOT DEAD, LONG LIVE THE MAESTRO!
But he was late, so he had to do the new organised, disciplined Orchestra’s 20 press ups. Good lad.
Before he arrived we ran through the old signals in preparation for saturday’s Mr Hopkinson’s Cuttting Up my Friends extravaganza performance. And there were a few old faces, Mark on sax and Dani, on Clarinet, who looked like a cross between Rob Tyner (Of MC5 Fame) and one of them from The Mars Volta. See dani Dani did a bit of conducting in a crazed Maestro way dani conducts huimself though he seemed to think the V sign was a valid instruction.
Tomoko fell asleep sleep but forgive her for she is our pink rose
Pink Rose of the Orient, and a darn fine Bassist to boot.

But what of the music Mr Paradise? I hear you cry, well the crazed mixture that was the signaled music and then we got down to waht we’ve been doing for the last fews months without the maestro, a e i o uyoung guns go for it!hugh and tomokoWham and Kajagoogoo covers. Marcus was late, 40 press ups for him, and his paunch needed the help believe me……..
Personally I jsut struggled to do what I do best blast self publicity, though me drumming was ‘crisp and enjoyable’ (Copyright The LA times)
Anyhow a team buyildng exercise down the pub proved fruitful, the Orchestra that drinks together stays together after all, just look at those happy smiles we are family and like most families we look a bit alike 3 brothers Grimm Marcus clearly older wiser, middle brother Barry sensible clean cut but full of anger and then poor younger stupider, uglier Team Brick. Isn’t life strange?

Next was Mr hopkinson’s Cut Up night but that’ll have to wait for another day.

Ciao for now, Your friend Richie Paradise Richie Paradise

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