Greatly Missed

28th of September now . . . I managed to catch Kate and Jesse ( of the wonderful Greatness of The Magnificence nights ) . . .

Jesse & Kate

. . . in the final stages of packing for their move to France. They kindly indulged me in making a video recording of Jesse going through Peter’s Cube Orchestra conductor signs.

We managed to capture them in bright bursts of sunlight in-between brief downpours with umbrellas and coats over the camera.

A more sustained bright spell allowed us to get a full improvised piece with Kate on trumpet behind me behind the camera, so Jesse had some reality to interact with.

Jesse wore the bird head mask that he also wore to conduct the Orchestra at the Venn festival earlier in the year, which was originally made, I think, for a Liftmen video.

This was all for me to edit up for the Cut-Up evening where Orchestra Cube would perfrom to the instructions ( seeing the footage ‘live’ for the first time ).

As seasoned world travelling musicians there’s no doubt they will be back at some point in some form – “commuting’ even I heard to bring us more occasional magnificence. I know Jesse used to check this blog when he was in Bristol at least, so may well be out there now, if so hello! We all miss you, and for the meantime Bristol is a less colourful and soundful place without you.

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  1. richie paradise says:

    Keep blogging Mr H and ferget about my useless rambling about stuff, how did YOU feel about it(cue chin stroking)?

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