Anyone for Coffee?

Comrade Richie

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Hey now comrades, normally the bourgouise type charcters of the Cube would be the first against the wall when the revolutuion comes but nay I say, that’s not why i’m wearing this incredible hat, no. To put it simply I’m declaring that I Richie Paradise, and the Cube Orchestra to boot, are at the cutting edge of fashion. Don’t believe me? Well check this site and Vogue’s in a few months hein? Anyhow whatever. Don’t know if it’s ‘cus I teach about the holocaust and modern history plus the comedy eastern european accent is popular at the cube these days but there was a real old YURROPfeel to this week what with so much strings in evidence orch.

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For shame i made all my pics far too big son I’m gonna keep this one short. Liam is clearly the maddest looking perosn in the Cube Orchestra, see:
liam[bigger image]is [bigger image]mad as a box of fish.

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we had a couple of newbies, Mark from Poole who had heard some good stuff about us and wanted to experience it for himself , man. I asked the good chap to show what he did up his way, for it sems Poole has its won improv type thing going on (sorry Mark I forget what it was called). Mark introduced us to a ‘drone’ type piece which I believe one is supposed to pay and develop in a kinda Spaceman 3 way I guess. All fine and good but, well, us slightly out there Jazzyer types can’t resist going abit mental at such ideas (no direspect and all that it’s just the way the Orchestra works, and it does work). Nice to have 2 Violas with Liam and newbie who for shame I have forgotten the name of, bloody good egg though, and no mistake. Gave us the chance to pay some vaguely cowboy esque type gubbins before next weeks rescore of The Wild Bunch. Nice to see the return of Stuart by the way. Oh and Barry did some top conducting, well done Comrade. Some interesting stuff again and a good chat down the pub as well. Well done all.
Cube Orchsetra freak out

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More photos here by the way.

Hey you know it’s been an interesting year for the Orchestra, we’ve played about 10 gigs, several of us have ended up volunteering for the Cube, some of us do other things at the Cube like Movieoke, Djing, publicity and smoooooshing and yet we still, despite the efforts of many, sadly don’t quite feel a part of the Cube family. Hopefully this year we’re be truely accepted for the part of the Cube that other parts of the Cube cannot refresh, I know I’ll be the first to toast a nice hot cup of Coffee when that happens
Till next time, Budem zdorovy Comrade Richie Paradise

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Comrade Richie Paradise

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11 Responses to Anyone for Coffee?

  1. Barry says:

    My god! Liam’s enormous! He’ll crush us all!

    Can’t *imagine* why the sudden interest in coffee…

  2. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    What now who what? Am I missing something here? Seems strange to not feel part of The Cube to me – it’s just people who are prepared to get involved, and the many in the orchestra are quiet definitely involved in broader cube biznis . . . and those who aren’t are as welcome as anyone to be if they want to be, no? Anyway, sorry from me for missing the last few practices, and maybe see you at the vols party tonight . . .

    . . . oh and as moderator, thanks for keeping the documenting up, but I’m afraid I’ll need to do something about the size of the images – should really be at the most 30k each and they’re roughly 16 times too big each! [I’ll put a link to the original larger versions]

  3. richie paradise says:

    sorry about that H i did this a bit drunk and downloaded to sporrar the original preedits. i’ll change them to what i meant to do later………..

    and hey we still all love the Cube, i was just pointing out that some people don’t realise that we are a real active part of the Cube and not just some randoms who turn up every week to get a free rehearsal space.

  4. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Ooops, I already resized them – all the originals are there unaltered if you want to change it . . .

    One thing about The Cube is that it’s a collection of individuals without a conventional management. This works incredibly well but means that everyone has their own point of view and no one can claim have an objective overview . . . or even really know what other volunteers actually volunteer – it may sometimes *appear* initially threatening or cliquey, but it’s just a different system that anyone really is welcome to ease into if they want to and there’s much love, as it’s pretty much all done for love really . . . though costs need to be covered too . . .

    This may not be the place to talk about it, but I actually think we may possibly now find ourselves in a bit of a tenuous position because the present setup is significantly different to the original deal ( that is unless Peter comes back to do open workshops again ).

    I don’t think it’s in any way a bad reflection on individual members, and of course as a group we have done the Brazil rescore for The Cube, will be doing The Wild Bunch and future ones too I hope, as well as having done many performances for other people’s events at The Cube, and the busking thing for Jesse which generated a bit of money for The Cube, plus many of us are Cube volunteers giving much . . . but then again not everyone volunteers, and no other group of musicians could expect to get use of the auditorium as a weekly rehearsal space without a hire fee or contribution through volunteering, which is the position we have slowly evolved into . . .

    The rehearsals *do* use various Cube resources including non-orchestra member volunteers’ time, and on a regular basis – I don’t think we should forget that.

    I think it’s fantastic that The Cube has an Orchestra, and that The Cube should value it, but . . . I think we ( as in the people who make up the Orchestra ) should be more grateful to the larger we ( as in of The Cube as a whole ) rather than the other way round. We we. Oui? . . . or Non?

  5. richie paradise says:

    Oui, valid points mien Kapitan, but i would say everyone involved in the Cube gets something out of the Cube, be it free internet or cheaper booze so it’s not like we’re the only Cube users who get something gratis, and after all we’ve not recieved any payment for any gigs except for the busking which went to the Cube anyhow. Those gigs we’ve played have, on occasion, dragged in people who wouldn’t have come to the Cube for that event (possibly). Perhaps there should be a basic 50p if yer not a volunteer charge if people are getting tetchy about The Orch? Sommet for a commitee meeting perhaps?
    When the revolution comes the intellectuals who inhabit the Cube will be exhiled to the salt mines of Siberia, and about time too. Ciao!

  6. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    I don’t actually think anyone is getting tetchy, but then I wasn’t aware that members of the Orch felt apart from the Cube
    so I could be wrong – but either way I think the best way to not feel apart is to just to dive in and be a part of it, no sense in breaking it up into sides to take . . . we’re all in it together

  7. richie paradise says:

    Right on baby. Peace and love to all, perhaps it was a subliminal thingy of God to make us all believe in him seeing as it’s that time of year and all that, ho ho ho!

  8. Barry says:

    Just a thought — maybe this discussion should be shifted to the forum?

    Also — perhaps we should be thinking about how we can make sure the orchestra contributes to Cube life generally? Providing music for the office/bar, doing more busking with Cube flyers, that kinda thing?

  9. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    yep good -idea, and do you think I should delete our dirty washing from here?

  10. richie paradise says:

    Nah, we wear our dirty washig on the outside to establish dialogue and possibly an excuse to lock the odd one of us up……………….

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