Pet_er re_turns, in a circular style

My first Orchestra Cube practice in a few weeks, and Peter’s first in a few months . . . the maestro returned to conduct us with his trademark charismatic conviction. It almost felt like he’d never left except we were in the circle formation that developed in his absence . . .

peep the conduct

. . . it’s much more fun in my eyes and ears than trying to conduct yourself ( which I’ve never been able to do properly ) , even though I was often challenged, or should that be baffled (?), by the strange time signature combinations and circular motif suggestions. Meanwhile the “brilliant” Richie Paradise ( (c) Peter Swaffer-Reynolds ) did a great job with the various difficult rhythms.

The main theme seemed to be instilling a sense of structure to allow improvisation to occur within, with a nod to it being palatable, or even seductive, to the potential audience.

There were lots of new faces, to me anyway, and I was sort of sad to have missed the previous practice which was apparently the antithesis of this week’s control with way too many people, not enough amplification and almost no coherent sense of direction – sounds like another kind of, but still, fun to me!

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  1. richie paradise says:

    WEll yes i may be ‘brillliant’ but it took me along time too work out 13/4. 5/4 easy and me playing 4/4 whilst youse lot played 7/4 was easy. I’ll wax lyrical on ones feeling in next couple of days. You were mangificent of H one.

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