Here are a couple of photos from Friday 14th April’s The Light Fantastic event at the Cube. This was in collaboration with Eduardo Bozzo, whose project Tango Alchemy brings Tango, traditional and experimental, live and direct from Buenes Aires to Bristol and surrounding areas.

Tango on the stage

Beginning with an introductory class squeezed into the bar area, then performance and films, the evening built up into quite a full-on all-in knees-up, with people Tango’ing their way around the whole public part of the building, bar, lounge, auditorium, stage, garden, toilets (maybe)….

Tango in the Cube Bar

Since September, TLF has been putting on monthly dance-related events with a Cube feel, mixing film and live work, celebrating DIY culture, highlighting connections between locally distinctive and international work and experimenting with how artists & audiences engage with each other. All suggestions for future events welcome, and always interested in discussing collaborative possibilities: email

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  1. richie paradise says:

    Where’s these photos then? Liar! Really wish i’d made this ut I had a good escuse (blog to come!).

  2. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Brilliant Kyra, exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for, thank you – I’m just escorting the computer to a gig in London, but I’ll explain/do the uploading of photos on our return . . .

  3. says:

    looks wonderful. dancing to film is better than writing about it.


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