Hi. Thought it be a good idea to start blogging bluescreen, after march’s sellout night.
Yeh its taken me over a month to get around to.. but here it is..

bluescreen is the cubes monthly film night for local filmmakers to show their films, the basic formula is an open mic night, but.. er.. for films! (mmn might have to work on that..) but you get the idea..
we have no films beforehand, just get them when doors open, which can make the evening all the more interesting and somewhat chaotic at times! but it kinda works for us.

Us being, myself and Chris B (projectionist/micro films), who have run bluescreen for the last coupla years.
Me even longer.. And Rick and Bij who provide the music in the bar, as ‘bluescreen hi-fi’. cheers guys.

March’s event was our best yet, place was rammed and over 20 films were shown. I think all of Bristol’s filmmakers had turned out! Big thank you all.
Films ranged from the wonders of cider! to the cultural life in St Pauls and others too many to mention. Was a great evening! Both totally knackered, but still smiling at the end.. night ended with me and Chris raising a glass or three of polish vodka, into the early hours of the morning!

April’s event was quieter, but had good films all the same, there was film about getting ready to go out, with a nice little twist at the end! Also had some films from UWE Graphic Design students, all of which went down well. And films were screened in the bar too, via the new FOH monitor. Was funny to see 6 people crowded around a tiny screen when there was a big screen in the auditorium! giving a new meaning to the term -microplex!

So heres to the next one on the 31st and if anyones wants to document it, would be nice to get some pics! cheers.

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  1. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Thanks Steve – I’ll try and bring my camera on the 31st . . .

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