Art + Orchestra = Fuzz Against Junk?



Cube Orchestra types


fuzz against junk?

No of course not, the equation would be to the power squared, depending on if the stars were in alignment with Daddy Ya Ya’s fingers

Daddy Ya Ya aka Ian Green

Anyhow I’m jumping ahead of meself.

Now if you read my last Post you’d of seen that Unai


had bought a raggle tangle bunch of Spanish Artists to Bristol and The Cube Orchestra played the opening. Well there was quite a mix there,
a lot of Spanish Diaspora a few old faces, a guy claiming to be Linda Barker

Not Linda Barker

and possibly Cherie Blair.

Cherie Blair?

Well I missed the first performance of the Orchestra (which to be fair was only Hugh, Unai and Belinda though Leo and Barry both blamed Firstbus for their absence) as I was playing The Beautiful Game (We Won and we’re top of the league).

Anyhow we started playing again


were filmed and with a few extra accompanists

join in


Unai on Bass

bel shakes it


Well I don’t know, maybe the Arabic Rhythms I was playing and the vibe just took some of my Espanol amigos off somewhere as pretty soon there was dancing and a whirling going on

far out AND groovy!

Good times for all, my hands were raw, and Bel had a skinful.

So then I headed off to The Cube to see friends Fuzz Against Junk and to help out behind what I thought would be a busy old bar, and my Paradise sense was right, for the gig had sold out. Deservedly too for Fuzz were on fire.

Billy on Fire

Steve Dew AKA King Chimp



Though I know most of Fuzz I’m very impartial (a few years ago at Ashton Court they were awful, the next year pretty good) and this was the best I’d seen them, I enjoyed the new lass singer (sorry no pic) and the mix of Coltrane sax and psychedelic rock was top draw.

Also a big shout for the Visuals (problem with getting drunk is you forget peoples and things names)
Basically a crazee film, illuminati? Anyhow here it is behind everyone’s friend and the bestest hugger in the world, Steve Dew.

Odd film behind Steve Dew

Another great Cube Night.

Well done people. Till next time, your friend,

The Crotch of Richie Paradise Richie Paradise.

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4 Responses to Art + Orchestra = Fuzz Against Junk?

  1. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Sorry to have missed this – especially as I got to know Unai and Kiera ( waggishly compared to Cheri Blair there ) when videoing them for ‘Cutting Up My Friends’. Unai was one of the ones I didn’t get to feature as much as I’d hoped in the first edit, but Kiera, on her typewriter, was pretty crucial.

    I saw the show later in the week – some really good stuff there, and a great idea for a show – it’s basically people who met studying Art in Bristol getting together now they have graduated to put on an internationally touring show based on their home countries and organised via various forms of mail.

    Unai explained it had been previously in Bilbao, and also Holland and is due to be shown again in the UK in another town if they can secure funding.

    By the way, the Linda Barker thing is a bit more interesting than it might at first seem – it is someone impersonating a Linda Barker impersonator, rather than simply being a Linda Barker impersonator themselves. The artist became obsessed with the original look-a-like’s strange choice of celebrity, and even odder their complete failure to look like Linda.

    Jem, if your reading this, I bet you’re humming Hue & Cry’s ‘Looking for Linda’ as you ponder that.

  2. richie paradise says:

    ‘Linda Barker’ was Crazee baby. Nice add on Mr. Hopkinson, the kind of thing I like about the blog, someone adding their slant to the bits and pieces up here.

  3. Leo says:

    Just a quick correction: firstbus were not to blame for my absence, I was just hungover.

  4. unai says:

    Nice time a good chance to meet old friends!!
    I’ve just put some photos of the show in Bristol in the website:

    long live orchestrators!!

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