I’m Being Goodbye

How to end a song ( in only 5 easy minutes ) . . .

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4 Responses to I’m Being Goodbye

  1. bill says:

    still (life):


    and the encore: (if this works…)

    (if not, i’m sure you can all work it out from the html, or just search youtube).

  2. bill says:

    it didn’t work, and no html!

    try this:


  3. richie paradise says:


    Very ending I like, otherwise = how to waste 4 mins 45 seconds of your life) an accusation I hear thrown my way alot!

  4. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Who? It’s I’m being Good, of course!

    link : http://microplex.cubecinema.com/cgi-bin/diary/programme.pl#2300

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