Thank you and goodnight

Fantastic to see my dream of various and varied postings come to fruition. I’m going to take this opportunity to step down from doing such frequent postings – I will still post now and then ( about tonight even if I’m Good ), but basically I’ll be mostly moderating from now on so You The Cube as a whole can document its/your self.

I may well get my own blog to bang on about myself and my computers, though right now personally I feel pretty old and weary of all the photo taking and filming and note making – though that could probably just be the hay fever and it’s attendant drugs talking – plus the aftermath of Venn doc-ing overload . . .

By the way, this is how I saw that the Venn festival saw it’s self over the all. . .

Highlight : Tony Allen

[ mine was Oren Marshall he made me cry, in a good way. With runner up prize to Men Diamler / the whole inspired Sunday programming ]

Lowlight : Cobra Killer – the story goes they didn’t like their hotel, they didn’t like their replacement hotel, they didn’t like the dimensions of an on-stage table – all things apprently perfectly provided, as requested in the rider. The story continues they didn’t feel like turning up to perform and didn’t like to let the promoters know causing many many fans to wait and wait, and wait, before finally leaving and possibly not coming back for the brilliant, but under-subscribed final day. Snakes.

[ My lowlight was also what wasn’t there, just for me that is on my own personal venn adventure, due to being monopresent – specifically Team Brick and Vialka and Bass Clef and the first Chris Corsano set, oh and all of St George’s, but I enjoyed great things at all times in all else wheres. Can’t quiet belive it’s 2 weeks later – I’m nearly recovered. ]

Meanwhile, to add to Zulieka’s mighty fine first post, here’s a pic of jobbing Blackout tech, Rod & Jem, in front of the curtains at Future Cinema . . .

It's Curtains

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