Thekla R.I.P

well its the end of an era, last night saw the thekla close its doors for possibly the very last time.

my first visit to the thekla (prob late 1980’s) or as it was called then, the wonderfully titled ‘the old profanity showboat’! was to see a band called ‘jonah and the wail’ and being confronted on the door by the huge n scary presence of the then manager of the place – a man who looked like he could’ve just stepped off a 18th century pirate ship. there was certainly no messing with him. i have been there many times since and had some fine ole times. too many to mention here.

well Espionage saw it out in some style last night! playing old faves, mod classics, obscure northern soul and much much more and any club that can mix iron maiden followed by kraftwork.. well nuf said!

but my enduring memory of the whole evening, as i stumbled out of there at 4am, was the sight of espionage’s fat paul on the dance floor! fair play to him and all the espionage crew for making the theklas last ride a good one!

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