Did anyone catch the Blusherettes at Blackout in Ashton Court this year? I was performing elsewhere so if you’ve got pictures please send me copies!

I was at Truck…strange beasties about…

Lucky in cards...
Dave Fish Theatre Company

Well, the Blusherettes will be helping people enjoy the fine foods and captivating cabaret in the Spiegel Tent at Arumdo in a few weeks time. Any Cubesters want to join us?
It looks like a very fine festival indeed, do come and join us. We’ll be donning our ball gowns in the evening for dancing and swimming caps for the pools. Ahh…that’s the life!

ps. hope you like the new slideshow…

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3 Responses to Festivals

  1. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    The light’s beautiful in that card playing pic, I’m very tempted by the rum do, but I know I’ll be too busy 🙁
    Pics of Blackout, including plenty of Blusherette action, will be on sparror as soon as I sort out hard disc space problems . . .

  2. zuleika says:

    Hope it’s good busy!
    Could we add a Blushereetes category? Not that I’m pushing them or owt…

  3. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Sure thing, Z, ’tis done

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