Officer, It Was All RED and then…


First apologies to my many fans for not posting much recently. Sparror, The Cube’s Hal like master computer, has been messing me about.
before A Court
So this was the week of Ashton Court and various members of The Orchestra got together to play to the film of dances that Kyra had organised for us. For some this would be seen as rehearsing but seeing as we’d being playing different things on the day it was more a getting used to it thing I guess. Word.

So Marcus is a bloody good egg. He does masses for the Cube, and doesn’t mind accusations that he is The Orchestra’s answer to cheese. I’m sure even he’d admit he sometimes does it to wind us up. The next few pictures show (a) How apt the reference to 2001 was, and (b) the effects he can sometimes have on an Orchestra member:
fanviolinheadsshout like you mean it
Simone starting what involved us playing quite a normal (Cheesy) chord based song but with random people shouting at the top of the lungs. Kinda therapeutic (and trust me there’s all sorts of nuts in The Orchestra.
We were blessed with a Chellist who didn’t walk out after 20 minutes this time too (and she has returned too) and a good job Saskia did too Saskia

Well I have lots more to catch up on so I will bid you adeur mes amis,

Peace out, Richie Paradise Richie Paradise

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