The Vanity Of King Richie

Wife beater

Well after the highs of Ashton Court the further, yes further, highs of The Cube Orchestra as this time we took a popular play item, the common garden football football and used it to dictate what or who would play. At first i think I did keepey upeys in at attempt to inspire The Orch, but let’s face it, most of them we’re the last to be picked at anything at skool, so sporting prowess was never going to impress them (probably bought back a few bed wetting bad memories for a few) so instead we kicked the ball to each other whenever we wanted that person to lead the music in another way. Easy for some Simone not so easy for others Saskia and it actually worked quite well. Saskia there also gave us an idea about individually playing for a certain count and then starting again. All at different tempos too. Believe it or not it worked rather well. As you can see Baz and Saskia Barry enjoyed himself. Personally I was inspired to strap on the geetar, yeah baby leave those drums behind and strum Play That Guiter Richie Paradise, play great fun. Josh Rouse look out (i’m not sure what for but look out).

It was a lorra lorra fun. Give tanks and praises to Marcus, Saskia, Simone, Barry and Meself for being irie and dread.

Ciao, Richie Paradise Richie Paradise

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