Blusherettes have A Rum Do!

Here’s me and Polly at A Rum Do where we blushed and puffed the young and beautiful (and not so young or beautiful, let’s be honest), saw flappers dancing, fan dancers revealing, villagers disco-ing (hey up the Village Disco, always save the night!), samba bums wobbling, security guards puffing, carpets kidding, swimming pools chilling, old-folk pilling, geishas fanning, preambulators strolling and the extraodinary Extraodinares rockin and a rollin!

All my trials lord, soon be over…ie. My trials of paint shop’s run out so I had to format the pics on Slide…here goes..


Pictures from A Rum Do festival, with our new powder puff wands!

Got recognised from Girlesque; here’s to more Cabaret at the Cube some night soon!?

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2 Responses to Blusherettes have A Rum Do!

  1. richie paradise says:

    Betty Page night soon? I spin some discs and you ladys do your thang.

    crazy baby, I’m digging your crazee scene.

  2. zuleika says:

    Good plan, I have a cabaret/burlesque mix I’ve made, can I play it? When is the night?

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