Surfer The Little Children

Young Richie ParadiseSurpised Richie Paradise

Yes we were all Children once my friends (I can’t believe I was 16 in that photo), I remember when Pater took me under his arm and said ‘Son, this is a Dick Dale record, I hid this up my ass for 2 years whilst I was in a POW camp in Vietnam, now it’s time you had it‘. I could be mixing up this story with another, I’m not sure I’ll check with my analyst/therapist (personally I think those buisness cards were a mistake). Anyhow what fun we had, we actually had some children turn up and lots of punters made the effort to wear a Hawaiian shirt or more.


Even the man full of hate seemed to enjoy himself.


First up was Michael E Gorton a last minute replacement. He did a fine job, kinda reminded me of a slighty less comatose Jonathan Richman.
Meanwhile in the Bar

Richie Paradise

I had alot of fun spining some tunes, my usual mix of Surf, Greasy Rock ‘n’ Roll, Exotica, Lounge, Psychobilly etc, hell I even got ’em dancing once or twice

Next on stage the Mighty Mustard Allegro

Mustard AllegroBernard of Mustard Allegro fame

These guys were great, see and hear for yourself:

Why Bernard (aka Mike) wears a Monk’s habit I’ll never know but he regailed us with stories about rubbish mobile phones, Italian restaurant disasters and the video playing behind amongst other things. Well done chaps.

More music in the bar and then time for the Classic Surf film BIG WEDNESDAY


A great night which even top comedian Dave Gorman turned up too

Dave Gorman?

well maybe

Well done to all involved,

Ciao Richie Paradise aged 25 with Valentina Mengarelli Richie Paradise (here aged 25) + friend

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4 Responses to Surfer The Little Children

  1. bill says:

    A-HA… my children no less.

    Shoes with wheels – who’d have thought it?

    Unfortunately, if, at the age of just eight, you already rate Dick Dale as one of your best sounds, you will just have to keep on visiting the Cube to find anything better.

    Luckily, the Cube provides (didn’t bring them to Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, though).

  2. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    hey Richie – did you get a second stylus ok? Sorry got your message too late . . . 🙁

  3. richie paradise says:

    Not in time no but Angel and Leah are sorting it out. luckily I had some CDs tooo.

    Bill, good to see Dick Dale having a positive effect on the Yout of today, I wasn’t exposed to Mr Dale till I was 13 I htink though it did then take my 9 years to get the record I wanted (damn you Andy Kershaw).

  4. richie paradise says:

    Valentina Mengarelli in case anyone was wondering. Ah! Italian girls, Bellissimi!

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