Triple Xmess………..

The Cheetah Slickspoppy von tarte
Rock ‘n’ Roll Baby, You Know it makes sense. Of Course being educated people y’all know that Rock’n’Roll is an euphemism for an act of sexual congress so it makes perfect sense (to me) to put on some R’n’R with some Bawdy Burlesque moves courtesy of Miss Poppy Von Tarte, see for yourself (apologies as I recorded this sideways…).

A Great example of the Fan Dance by Poppy there. I’m glad to say we also had Local Burlesque superstar Keda Breeze there too as well as plenty of the local RockaBilly aristocracy (they exist, I said Lou was one). AND Boy can they drink (twas a good night behind the bar). Talking of RockaBilly, The Cheater Slicks played some fine greasy sounds:

Rounding off the night was The Strip Chords, who featured Go Go Dancers, and just in case you needed more sleaze, with vintage 8mm Celluloid playing in the background, SEE:

Was a great night, and to the team Cube team We salute you

Caio For Now, Richie Paradise xxx Richie Paradise

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