It’s Not The Son Of God, It’s Movieoke

Well Novemeber saw the return of Movieoke to a new Wednesday night slot, with no Max (computer virus has meant we’ve had to send him to the computer mental home) and no Colin we soldiered (shouldered?) on with the more than capable Marcus Valentine marcus valentine and our usual human host Tom Morgan. And hey I kinda like the tag line ‘Movieoke, featuring Valentine and Paradise‘ anyway, am I right or am I right?
Anyhow, good old Liam was there also Laim to scare the hell out of us, anyhow he did a great job on the film changing.
Talking of good jobs, well done the medium sized and enthusiastic audience, come, come see the fruits of their labours:

Jaws, LOTR and Team America proved popular as always

team americarichie paradise plays team america

You can find a couple more clips here and here. Some very strong performances possibly enhanced by the dressing up box that we provided,
dress up at movieoke dress up a veritable assortment of wigs, coats, shirts and props for the assembled crowd to enjoy dressing into. Possibly all this dressing and undressing was why we had a much more smutty version of Movieoke than usual. The great thing about Movieoke is the way it’s a real group activity, the audience kind of bonds as the night goes on and you’re gauranteed at least one moment of wetting yourself humour, where else can you get that for £3?

Anyhoo, Hope to see more of you beautiful things in Feb,

Big Love Richie Paradise Richie Paradise

ps Thanks to Lea on sound, Ben in the bar and the rest of the Movieoke work group.

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