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Well friends We managed another evening of Movieoke madness, a frighteningly ever changing animal that thankfully enough of us want to keep coming (hey it even got a mention in Bizarre magazine so we must be doing something right). This time usual host Tom had to leave early to do his paper round, i mean DJ at The Bell so the good people of the audience had to endure a mixture of yours truely and Barry. Sterling work by all I’d say. Anyhow some fine performances, a moment where the peformer was dumbstruck at the beauty of Star Wars and couldn’t say anything, a great performance by Creepy Liam in The Shining, My amazing performance playing 3 people using 2 hats in that scene from Lost In Translation where he does the advert for <a href="“>Suntory Whisky (cutto, cutto, cutto!), a utterly mental version of Groundhog Day (all acusations of sexual preferences by Mr. Grant are all allegedly true but may or not be actually true, Cube Legal team) a fine performance of The Evil Dead

Also a fine ensemble peformance of Reservoir Dogs featuring Me, Barry, a guy called Simon I think (who looked marvellous in a short sleaved Cricket Jumper). I was rather guilty of going a little bit off on one and may have been rude about half the audience, the performers and ahem women in comfortable shoes. Still if you listen the audience is laughing (especially Oli who you can hear Guffawing away in all the video clips) so it must be ok.

well a fine time was had by all, the drssing up box was put away and we all tottered off to our abodes,

Thanks for listening, Big Love Richie Paradise Richie (Lost in) Paradise

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