Pandora’s Box

Where are we?Marcus and Richard Cube Orchestra
A while ago The Cube Orchestra had the good fortune to be asked to play a live soundtrack to the legendary Die Busche der Pandora also known as Pandora’s Box
It’s a really superb film and features the stunning and enigmatic Louise Brooks. Interesting enough The Cube’s own Zulieka Gregory bears a vaguely similar look (she’ll love me for saying that) which made playing along an amusing experience. Zuleika also came along and did her Blusherette Thang
BlusheretteCube Orchestra
The Film was very atmospheric, moody and very interesting in it’s edgy for the time subject matter and a large and appreciative audience enjoyed the film and score.
Pandora's BoxPandora's Box
I only caught 11 seconds on video but it’s worth all eleven seconds

A great time was had by all, even the bar staff but I wouldn’t mes with them..

hey, You’re Beautiful and dontcha ferget itRichie Paradise Richie Paradise

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2 Responses to Pandora’s Box

  1. zuleika says:

    I do love you dahling, but it’s still Zul e i ka….

    Does the orchestra want to sponsor my haircut?

  2. richie paradise says:

    oops, sorry but i am off skool ill. i’ll chip in one english pound towards the cut.

    crikey i’m excited about saturday.

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