Cube 9 from Outer Space

The Cube’s 9th Birthday and the fourth cabaret took place at the end of a rather nostalgic cube week for me.

Saturday the 29th was my fith anniversary of Cube and Billy Childish was back (that gig was actually my first shift). Rounded off suitably by a late night, early morning dance-off. Then there was the tour on Tuesday. Then the birthday, with all the familiar faces and watching S&H films just to add to the memories.

The Cabaret went well, I enjoyed putting a Russian slant on Ziegfeld. We had some great acts designed specially for the night (thanks to Richie for his amazing bookings).
I was really pleased about the amount of costumes and the effort put into making them.

At one point the beroller-skated I went into the auditoium to check out The Man from Uranus and presented with a scene of madness. There was a free for all on his theremin and much dancing (a rare thing in the auditorium itself). There were black robot knights, day-glow aliens, cosmonauts and silver galor.

Wonder what will happen when we are ten…

Promoted to full page from the comments, by request, here’s a little edit of the evening . . .

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  1. yep it was fun, my comments will follow once i have edited the nights entertainment into a shorter piece (we over ran by about 30 minutes at least on the cabaret………..) oops.

  2. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    [ the YouTube clip was originally posted here ]

  3. adrian line says:

    thats entertainment folks and it dont come better

  4. Mr H that clip needs to be on the main bit of the log, it’s awesome.

  5. adrian line says:

    reminds me of network 7

  6. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    plus 2

  7. zuleika says:

    Oh, I love that video!!

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