happy birthday everyone

I think today, the 18th of October, is the actual anniversary of the day The Cube first opened it’s doors to the public in 1998 to screen Radio On. It was quiet cold as I remember and the wrong lens was on the projector for first half – those were the days.

Anyway, not much to add right now, but hopefully soon more documentary of recent nostalgic events ( the Port City affilated Cube Tour, the Billy Childish gigs and more party pics ) meanwhile here’s one of those old S&H movies Zulieka mentioned. This features camera work by Chiz and the old pre-fire entrance through the Chinese restaurant at around the 3 minute mark . . .

. . . sorry for the terrible encoding quality – it’s from the old days.

As always any type of Cube related posts ( doesn’t have to just be reportage – in fact the more unusual the better . . . ) are welcomed here – do email me ( mr_hopkinson at hotmail dot com ) for a login if you don’t have one, but happen to have sometime to say or show . . .

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6 Responses to happy birthday everyone

  1. adam says:

    + the good Replay !

  2. precious day those, and i include the old chinese in that.

  3. adrian line says:

    not many years but enough. i was in china then and in those days china was ruled by bastards. england by crack heads and europe ran on choclate watches

  4. adam says:

    aah, adrian oversteps his surname once again.

  5. adrian line says:

    The only border i have is the one Bruce Springsteen installed between his and Honsby’s ranch. No woman, man, child crosses that.

  6. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Adrian’s wall is only visible from space.

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