That’s The Spirit

Hello Chums, apologies for the lack of posting, basically I’m a lazy sod, unlike these plucky fellows
Lovely, lovely volunteers
Upstanding decent fellows every last damn one of them. Come to the Cube and see more of them.
So, Things I have failed to Blog:
The Cube Cabaret/9th Birthday Bash – Reason – ‘I’m editing footage and didn’t take any photos and anyhow didn’t Mr. Hopkinson do a wonderful job?’.
Cabaret/LadyfestReason – ‘Not my finest moment……….’
Cube Orchestra playing to Haxan and The Sea Hawk (starring hottie Errol Flynn) – Reason‘Possessed by an evil spirit’.
Skulpture (Cube Orchestra Free Jazz spin off band) at The JunctionReason‘Gagging order by local constabulary’.

One will endeavor to improve ones self,

You’re Money and You don’t even know it, Richie Paradise Richie Paradise

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