Snorkel Sundays

I just found this tale and thought I’d share it, hope that’s okay Ali.

From: zuleika
To: ali jones
Subject: Re: [Cubeadmin] send reinforcements!

> it would be lovely to have some synopsis on cube activities.
> any takers?

Well, Ali, perhaps you’ve had some polite replies from the others but Ithink you deserve to hear the real story so here goes:

After you left we had a three week mourning period, all in black with cuboid veils. We only drank Guiness and smoked liquorice paper rollies, we painted the cube black and generally took on an emo style. Finally on the 21st day we tore off our blackness in a fine display of fireworks, funny foam, ticker tape and superglued hundreds and thousands all over our bodies (leading to some impressive multi-coloured rashes). We danced around to We Are Family and found it a very healing process.

In MArch we showed Pan’s Labarynth five times a day for the whole month.
We made Â2, 000, 000, 000 and invested in teabag recyling. Which was a shame because that’s when it all happened…

The April showers have been pretty bad this year. The hole in the roof reopened and suddenly, during the Small Squeaky Noises Night, we were flooded from floor to ceiling. Myself and Polly in a superb effort of combined Blusheretting and Synchronised Swimming managed to pull everyone out and nobody died (although Leslie Smith suffered from tinitus for
several weeks). The only option was to turn the Cube into a spectacular Water World Cinema, showing Esther Williams films, Life Aquatic and the like. The Snorkel Sundays have been particularly popular. We are hoping we dry out by high-summer.

On a personal note, I had an intense affair with Leslie Smith and we were briefly engaged until he found me in a compromising embrace with a Ukranian rabbit juggler one Tuesday night. Nevermind, it was worth it.

Well, that should fill you in.
Hope all’s spectacular and this hasn’t cost you hundreds of dollars in

Underwater love,
Zuleika xxx

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