Decacentric Cabaret of Curiosities

Many moons ago the stars fell and glittered down on a little square building in the heart of Bristol town. As shimmering showers fell from above as pipe dreams burst forth from below the Cube was conceived and, like the workers and artists that enter its doors, lived out its life in a turn of successes, failures, emptiness and glorious fullnesses.

This little microplex with a big heart and an even greater history now reaches the grand old age of ten. Amongst a weekend filled to brim with birthday delights there will be a Cabaret of Curiosities.

And performing at said Cabaret will be:

Thomas Truax
‘Bequilingly bizarre’ maverick musician

Boys and Dance (BAD)
Local heroes of male motion continue their quest to get men dancing

Mr Dennis Teeth
A gentleman with a singing saw and more tricks up his sleeves.

The Suitcase Circus
Object Madness, manipulated into marvellous animation by Oli Townsend

Tuesday Laveau
The Voodoo Queen of Pneumatic Tassle Twirling and the Hip-Shake-Shimmy.

Victor Llewellyn
Stand-up from Bristol’s Desperate Men Theatre Company

Ms Ziegfeld returns just days before, in a whirlwind of hyper-active excitement, from her first season out with the circus, Mr Paradise has been trekking the dusty plains of libraries and pound-shops for jokes.

We’ll be starting the night with the decacentric mayhem of ten ten-second acts and some circusy sorcery!

It’s on Saturday the 25th of October and it costs £10

Dress up and stay out to dance.

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