Cube-X amined

So rry for being slack getting back with pics and words from the CUBE-X event, meanwhile here’s a delightful e-mail from Lea . . .


we had four very good, very enjoyful days of birthday party celebrations.
I particularly liked Friday with its shifting locations and lights for the concerts, there was Rasha’s “Out of Exit Door” short birthday songs, Lady’s aspirated birthday song in the lime light of a spot following light, Timmi’s synchronising techno beats from his Korg and other synthesizers and little folk renderings with offset voices in the upper right corner with Rozi and a man whose name I don’t know. Fat Man leaning back operating the musical atmosphere from one of the back rows and and and…and.

And I liked Thomas Truax on Saturday, but I can’t say anything about the performers preceeding him as I did not see/hear them.
I liked his electric-devices and the mumbled rhythms coming out of them.
He embraced the space of the Cube by appearing and disapperaing during his “Wagtown” song. On and off he was, on and off.
And great lighting enhancing the devices’ presence.

Really great!

All the best to you all!


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