Motor Nureone Disease Benefit Events, Saturday 16th of May

Patrick Joyce, an old friend of The Cube was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease last year. He is doing a sponsored half marathon ( in a wheelchair pushed by others ) next month to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association ( ) , who have given him a stairlift. As their funds are used to supply equipment, and research the condition – he wants to reimburse them towards the research side.

In support of him we are doing 2 events at The Cube on Saturday the 16th of May ( a week before the marathon ). A rare outing of Annabel Other’s Bristol Art Library ( TBAL ) . . .


. . . which will come along with a raffle, featuring BAFTA level prizes, and cake stand , with cakes made by a BAFTA winner standard baker.

In the evening there’s a cut price party night chock-full of delights . . .


Minotaur Shock :

Dennis Teeth :

I Know I Have No Collar :

Dagger Brothers :

VI :

Hope to see you there . . .

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