Cube website update shocker!


Hello there, we are The Cube. We are not an organisation with a single coherent vision, more a collective of quite a few different heads and hearts, pushing and pulling in directions that sometimes happen to be the same, sometimes not. Consequently, it takes us a while to respond. Sorry about that.

Some of us thought that ‘Appropriate Media’s act against Banksy’s mural on Stokes Croft provoked interesting questions about our relationship with ‘street art’ and street culture. Some of us were quite genuinely angered at the damage done to a cherished local landmark. Most of us thought it was childish, clumsily executed, and inarticulately justified on a website that happens to be hosted on our free Arts server, Sparror.

Sparror hosting has always been about social community. The continued determination of ‘AMedia’ to remain anonymous runs contrary to the spirit in which Sparror is run, and as such their presence on our network is under review.

Last update 12 April 2009

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3 Responses to Cube website update shocker!

  1. adam says:

    has this been posted / emailed anywhere else?

  2. richie paradise says:

    Well said.

    Now we can play


  3. site admin ( mr_hopkinson ) says:

    Yes, it’s on the front page of

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