Camera / Carbon Manual / Taos Humm 2017/01/13

Camera hit the Cube on the Bristol leg of their 2017 tour, promoting their album, Phantom of Liberty.

The night kicked off with a set by Taos Humm, on the brink of releasing their debut album. They delivered their songs really well and the sound was excellent. I think they went down well, judging by the reaction of Jeff, rocking in his front row seat.

Second on the bill was The Carbon Manual, who played a set of flowing basslines and gnarly guitar over a drum machine, while front man, Jeremy, offloaded his stream of consciousness, often prowling amongst the crowd as he did so.

On the night Camera invited a mate from Bristol, Matt, to sing with them. Their style centres on drummer, Michael, his standing technique driving the rhythms. Each night is different, as they improvise every time. I liked Steffen’s wall of keyboards. Throughout the evening Michael would text me photos of where he was in the building, perhaps an arty composition, or a portrait of who he was talking to. Very sweet. I also had the pleasure of listening to Steffen as he attempted to play the Cube’s prepared piano. The result was extremely listenable and I’m glad i recorded it!

The event sold out and seemed to be popular with the crowd. As for the band, who stayed at my home afterwards, I couldn’t have hoped for a nicer group of artists. They are the first people not to be put off by my left-handed guitars, they simply picked them up and started making music – very Cube.

All gallery photos by Spudd Connor

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